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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mid-States Advisors can help you analyze the marketability of your business, develop a realistic business valuation, and locate ideal buyers/sellers to help you close your M&A transaction.

Ready to Buy or Sell a Business?

Mid-States Advisors can help you achieve a successful M&A transaction.

Mid-States Advisors represents buy-side and sell-side clients in a wide variety of Mergers & Acquisitions transactions. From start to finish, our M&A experts keep you on track to achieve realistic outcomes based on your specific goals.


Navigating the Complex

Executing a merger or acquisition may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! Our experienced M&A advisors guide you through the complexities of the deal-making process while maintaining a high level of service, tailored to the unique needs and goals of your business.

Our Approach to Middle-Market M&A


Getting To Know You

Establishing a strong relationship sets the stage for a successful transaction. We rely on in-depth financial analyses of your business to determine its marketability and realistic valuation and to ensure our process aligns with your goals.


The Right Audience

Getting your business in front of the right buyers or sellers is vital to achieving a successful deal. By tapping into our network, we're able to present your business to only the most qualified prospects, avoiding costly time delays.


Collaborate & Close

We're proud to support your team during the negotiation process to ensure a smooth transaction that achieves the ideal results for all involved. Our ability to collaborate puts us in a unique position to negotiate swiftly and effectively.

M&A with Mid-States Advisors

What industries does MSA work with?

How big is your typical M&A transaction?
There are a lot of M&A firms, what differentiates Mid-States Advisors?
Why do you work with clients often deemed "too small" for other M&A firms?
Where does MSA find potential buyers for my business?
How do I know my employees and legacy will be cared for after the sale?
What if I just want the highest price possible?

Buy or Sell A Business

Mid-States Advisors has over 25 years of experience representing buy-side and sell-side clients with M&A transactions. Connect with us for a business analysis to determine a strategy that works for you.

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